Research Group

Current graduate students

  • Graeme Carvlin, PhD student — Community Air Quality Monitoring
  • Katie Fellows, PhD student — Climate change and environmental exposure
  • Yisi Liu, PhD student — Traffic-related Air Pollution Exposure and Health
  • Esther Min, PhD student — Environmental Justice Mapping
  • Nancy Carmona, PhD student — Community-Engaged Environmental Health
  • Ching-Hsuan Huang, MS student — Air Pollution Exposure

Previous graduate students

  • David Holstius, PhD — Environmental health sensor technologies
  • Joe Schuchter, DrPH  – Health impact assessment
  • Meiling Gao, PhD — Air pollution and physical and mental health epidemiology
  • Cristin Weekley, MPH — Infectious disease ecology
  • Hilary Ong, MD — Pediatric air pollution exposure and obesity
  • Morten Jenson, Visiting PhD — Bioengineering, Type 1 diabetes
  • Jenna Hua, PhD — Food environment and obesity
  • Eunice Lee, PhD student — Environmental health
  • Kris Hartin, MS — Rural China household air pollution
  • Maximilian Chmielinski, MS – Environmental and occupational health
  • Brooke Reynolds, MS – Environmental and occupational health
  • Wonil Lee, MS – Monitoring construction worker fatigue using wearable sensors

Other students

The group also includes Masters and Undergraduate students in the School of Public Health, College of Engineering, College of Natural Resources, and College of Environmental Design.

Research Collaborators

Our researchers regularly collaborate with other research groups.

In the United States: Boston University, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Human Impact Partners, Emory, Oregon Health Sciences University, San Francisco Department of Public Health, Stanford, UC Davis, UC San Francisco, UC Los Angeles, University of Michigan, USC, and UNC.

Internationally: Center for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (Spain), PHENOTYPE (European Union), Imperial College (UK), Institute of Parasitic Disease (China), Kunming Medical University (China), and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (UK).