PANDAs in China: Prototype fine particulate matter monitors to study air pollution and obesity

Recently, PhD student, David Holstius and I organized a sensor build, inviting friends from within the EHS program and collaborators from EECS program to make prototypes of a particulate matter air pollution sensor.

The result of this was the creation of 15 monitors that have been shipped to China, where they are being used by Hilary Ong, a UCSF Pediatrics student who I am mentoring to conduct a study of pediatric obesity and its relationship to air pollution exposure.  The study is being conducting in Kunming, where my other PhD student Jenna is doing her dissertation work on food environments.

We’re calling these prototypes PANDAs, befitting their first use in China.  PANDA is an acronym for something I don’t remember.  David has also created a companion software package called BAMBOO that processes data from the PANDAs.  BAMBOO is probably also an acronym for something that I can’t remember.

Stay tuned for the results from our PANDA study.


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