Breaking New Ground: A New Program in Construction Management Occupational Safety and Health (CMOSH)

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the United States.  Close to 10 million people work in construction in the U.S. And each year, unfortunately, there are hundreds of construction work fatalities — more than any other industry in the country.

Construction workers also face numerous risks that can cause serious injury — injuries such as falls, things falling on workers, workers being run over by motorized equipment, electrocutions, being exposed to worksite and material hazards, and musculoskeletal problems.

To help address these problems from within the industry — to better promote a culture of safety within Construction and to promote the concept of Total Worker Health within the industry, I am working with Ken-Yu Lin in the College of Built Environment. We recently announced a new degree program at the UW, called CMOSH!

Construction Management Occupational Safety and Health (CMOSH) is a new track within the Master of Science in Construction Management degree program at the University of Washington. The track aims to produce future construction management leaders who will have the knowledge and skills to integrate project management and occupational health and safety for true project success. CMOSH students will have a well-rounded and interdisciplinary learning experience covering subjects from construction management, occupational health and safety, and industry practices.

Interested in applying?  Details can be found here.

The CMOSH program is one of two new programs within the Northwest Center for Occupational Health & Safety — one of NIOSH’s Education and Research Centers (ERC).  The other new program is the Occupational Health at the Human-Animal Interface (OHHAI) research training program.