New Phased Innovation Grant from NIEHS to Develop Next Generation Exposure Assessment Device

In collaboration with other UW collaborators, my research group will receive a new 5-year phased innovation grant from the NIEHS. Under the funding opportunity (RFA-ES-13-013), the intent is “to facilitate the translation of prototype devices for characterization of personal exposures into field use by supporting a phased validation effort involving a partnership between tool developers and environmental epidemiologists”.  The new grant will support much needed pilot-stage iterative prototyping, refinement, and usability testing of new exposure devices, which will demonstrate device reliability and data quality, and usefulness in real-world settings. The later stages of the grant will support larger scale deployment in a large epidemiological study to improve science and to refine associations between environmental exposures and health outcomes.  This new grant will utilize my new rapid prototyping lab at UW — a newly renovated space for collaborative design, engineering, and testing of new exposure assessment tools.


New collaboration between China and the Fred Hutch Cancer Center to create a Tumor Biorepository

China’s Henan Cancer Research Institute, China CDC and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center are starting a new collaboration to create a tumor tissue repository to allow for molecular exploration into all types of cancer.

I spoke at the meeting last week.  This biorepository opens the door to potential new investigations of the associations between behavioral and environmental risk factors such as smoking and indoor and outdoor air quality and cancer.