Mobile Technologies in Action for Thai Parasite Study

Some progress on the new R21 O. viverrini study in Thailand —  Working with Beth Carlton at Univ of Colorado Denver, we have implemented mobile surveys on Google Nexus Tablets using the Open Data Kit developed at UW.

So far the Android tablets have been great. And, we’re set up to collect GPS-tagged field data on fish caught by fishermen working in a set of lakes, where O. viverrini is prevalent.  Data automatically stream into Google servers, which we can review not only in Thailand, but also at the collaborating U.S. research sites (UC Berkeley, UC Denver, and UW).

What hazards might lurk in your environmental bubble?

UW ran a story about my group’s recent work with personal environmental monitors.  It highlights development of a new device that we have been using to collect multiple environmental exposures, which is shown in the photo to the left.  This is the Portable UW Particle (PUWP) monitor.

In the news story, instead of showing the tech, they decided to run with a  picture of me in desperate need of a haircut and a clean shirt!