New paper on air quality modeling using real-time traffic data — NOKIA ClearSky project

Over the last couple years, UC Berkeley researchers (Professors Bayen, Glaser, and Seto) have collaborated with NOKIA on the ClearSky project to use state of the art traffic data from sensors and models to estimate air pollution in metropolitan areas. This builds off of progress our group has made towards the development of flexible interfaces to traffic pollution models.  In particular, the ClearSky project makes use of the Rcaline package developed by PhD student, David Holstius.  This forthcoming paper describes how various data and models are integrated into the ClearSky system:

Samaranayake S, Holstius D, Monteil J, Tracton K, Glaser S, Seto E, Bayen A (accepted) Real-time estimation of pollution emissions and dispersion from highway traffic.Computer-aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering