Crazy Travel Schedule

Despite efforts to reduce my travel, this month I’m running all over the world.  Not good.

But what was good…

At Wireless Health 2013 conference in Baltimore I attended a workshop organized by IDEO — pretty much THE gurus of industrial design. Learned something about their design process, which will be really helpful as my research group designs and develops more technology for Environmental Health.  Got to admit, it also renewed my excitement about innovation and entrepreneurship.

PHENOTYPE project meeting in Utrecht.  Everyone’s making great progress.  Good to see all the partners.  Relieved that we came up with concrete plans for the next year.  Extra day in Amsterdam was fun.

Now in Chengdu.  Quietly catching up with work — Did an all-nighter and made MAJOR progress on instruments for the upcoming HEI and China NSF projects.  Giving a talk on mobile technologies for public health to Sichuan CDC tomorrow.

Still to come… quick visit to Yunnan to check on current field work and to plan for next year, then to Korea — 2 talks at Seoul National University.