NIH to Fund our Study of Children’s Obesity in LA using Systems Science Approach

Just heard good news!  NIH is funding our study with Professors May Wang and Mike Prelip at UCLA to apply Systems Science modeling approaches to data from the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program in Los Angeles.  This study will evaluate the efficacy of community-based strategies to reduce obesity in this large cohort.  This new study will build upon causal inference modeling approaches my group has been applying with the help of Biostats Professor Alan Hubbard at Berkeley.  I look forward to working with the many collaborators from UCLA, UCB, Center for Weight and Health, PHFE WIC, LA County Public Health, and Samuels and Associates.

China NSF to fund our study of PM exposure and children’s development in Yunnan

Following a pilot study that UCSF medical student Hilary Ong conducted in last winter in Yunnan using our low cost PANDA PM monitors, China NSF is funding a study in which the new monitors will be used to assess exposures to PM and their effect on children’s development in rural Yunnan. The lead PI, Professor Li Yan of Kunming Medical University has collaborated with us on our food environment research in Kunming.  We are looking forward to working with her on the PM children’s exposure study.  Hilary will lead the research on our side for this study. Congratulations Hilary!

Bay Area Air Quality Management District funds our new sensor study

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District has funded a collaboration between Professor Ron Cohen’s group in Atmospheric Chemistry and my group in Environmental Health to evaluate new air quality sensors in the laboratory for future deployment at sites within the Bay Area.  The goal of the project is to inform how sensors may be used to augment routine air quality monitoring sites to better assess community exposures to air pollution.  This funding will support the work of PhD student David Holstius, who is leading the development and evaluation of new low-cost air quality sensor networks in my research group.